Four Tips for Managing Email Unsubscribes

by Jessica Eng on in Email Marketing

While each and every person that opts in to your email list is important to your overall email marketing campaign, the time will come when some will want to leave. Though losing a piece of your audience may not be ideal, each unsubscribe can give you valuable feedback to improve the content and quality of future email newsletters and manage the number of additional email unsubscribes going forward.

email unsubscribes

Consider the following tips to keep people from clicking that “unsubscribe” button.

  • Test subject lines. Considering 33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone, changing them up to include a sense of urgency or exclusivity (e.g. “Huge Savings” or “New Sale”) could be enough to keep your recipients engaged.
  • Segment your lists. This is important because it allows you to deliver only the most relevant content to your subscribers. The more specific your email segments get, the better able you are to deliver content that speaks directly to their interests.
  • Have a regular schedule. According to GetData Research, “receiving too many emails” was the number one reason people decided to unsubscribe from email newsletters. To manage expectations in the long run, communicate the frequency from the first time people opt in to your emails and do your best to live up to that promise.
  • Ask for feedback from unsubscribers. Take the opportunity to find out why people want to unsubscribe, after they do so. Be sure to make it easy for them to answer by including only a few multiple choice questions. With this information, you may get some valuable tips on ways to improve your email marketing efforts in the future.
  • One last tip. Those that unsubscribe may remain customers and/or wish to subscribe again at a later date. Be sure to leave them with a positive impression of your organization and let them know they’ll be missed.

Need help coming up with a plan to grow your email marketing list or reduce your number of email unsubscribes? Ask us. We can help.