Leave a Lasting Impression with Logoed Merchandise

by Jessica Eng on in Promotional Products

logoed merchandise

Logoed merchandise can be an essential part of a business’s marketing and branding strategy, and for good reason. Attention grabbing and useful promotional products can leave lasting impressions and can drive interest to your business.

Consider this: a study conducted by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) revealed that 55% of people had done business with an organization before receiving a promotional product from them, and 85% of people did business with them after receiving a promotional product.

So, whether you are hosting a special event or sending out targeted direct mailers, consider the following tips when choosing promotional items that will leave a lasting impression.

  1. Give them useful products. More than half of consumers say they would be more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them an umbrella, says 2016 research from the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI). Of those polled, 83% say usefulness is the key factor in keeping a promotional umbrella.
  2. Maintain the quality. Promotional products are a direct representation of your company. You want people to associate you with quality and value. For example, if you’re giving out pens, make sure they’re the kind of pens people will reach for first. Pens should write well on most surfaces, be smear-proof, and feel good in the recipient’s hand.
  3. Keep good design in mind. Your brand and information on your promotional products should be organized and usable. Make sure your business name or logo is presented clearly, and be sure to include your website. On sticky pads and notepads, your information and logo should be on every page.
  4. Hit the target. You don’t need to give out logoed merchandise to everyone. Choose your targets, the items they receive and what criteria needs to be met for them to receive it. Maybe you want to say thank you to a new client or reward repeat business from a loyal customer. Set whatever parameters make sense for your business.

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